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Finding Outfit Inspiration Everywhere

October 28, 2019

While Pinterest and Instagram provide ample ideas for what to wear when it comes to daily outfits (almost too many), I always try to encourage people to find new ideas in unexpected areas. Sometimes, I’ll even look at a flower blossom or a greeting card and be inspired to recreate the color or pattern I see with clothes.

One of my favorite places to find fashion inspiration is in a new destination. This month, I visited a place I’ve never been to before: Venice, Italy. As expected, I came back with a fresh perspective after experiencing the architecture, the colors of the buildings, the way the sun hit the water and the pattern of a hat on a passerby. If your wardrobe is in a slump, focus your energy into anything besides clothes, and you’ll come back with a brand-new way of looking at things.


From vibrant produce to tonal grains or seeds, food is a wonderful place to turn for visual stimulation. Inspiration doesn’t just have to come from how a food looks, but how it makes you feel. Is it warm and comforting like a soft teddy coat? Do you feel spicy and alert? Different moods always affect how I dress and anything can remind me of that mood — even my lunch! The holidays are a great time for this since so many seasonal foods grace our dinner tables.


If you want to start smaller, a simple transition for finding unique inspiration for your closet is from home décor. Home décor already includes a pile of textures, patterns and colors that can provide direct inspiration for new wardrobe pieces. Love the Persian rug in your house more than anything? Look for a deep burgundy top with a busy floral print. If you layer texture on texture in your living room, chances are you’ll love layering texture on texture in your look. What they say really is true: inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford | @truelane