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The Softer Side of Faux Leather

January 14, 2020

Happy New Year! With a new year (and new decade) ahead of us, it’s time to explore what gently used items are going to make you stand out from the crowd. One trend I haven’t been able to stop shopping for is faux leather — any and all of it!


Rocking black leather from head to toe may work for people like Joan Jett and Keith Richards, but for day-to-day looks, it’s usually more comfortable to wear faux or vegan leather in a more understated way. However, one of the biggest trends for 2020 is somehow understated and eye-catching at the same time: using faux leather in fresh colors like bright white, lavender and sky blue to create new outfit combinations that will spice up your looks from January through spring.


While brown is a more standard color for faux leather pieces, lately I’ve found it in so many varying shades of camel and cocoa that I just can’t get enough. If you’re heading to your local Style Encore for some secondhand pieces to mix into your current wardrobe, look for tall, warm-tone brown boots with a heel and pair them with a cherry red faux leather handbag or a blue leather jacket. Mixing different colors of leather in a single look creates an incredibly luxurious vibe.


Additionally, make sure to mix up leather with other top trends of the moment like crochet pieces or tiered accents. When you layer an intense fabric like faux leather with something soft and dreamy like knits or tulle, it creates a balance between a masculine and feminine style that is flattering on absolutely everyone. More into the classic black leather jacket and white t-shirt look? The best part about shopping for gently used items is that you’re going to find extra special items instead of whatever cookie-cutter pieces come off the department store rack. Style Encore makes it easy to find a look that is uniquely you!

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford | @truelane